50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things That Make Me Happy

Lately I've been all about those positive vibes, and sometimes we have to create the positivity for ourselves. Although the list of things that make me happy is infinite, I somehow managed to narrow it down to 50.

1. Waking up early and having a cup of coffee
2. Working out
3. A good home cooked meal, especially when my mom is cooking!
4. Making people laugh
5. Spontaneous getaways
6. Quiet mornings
7. Candles
8. Pasta
9. Hardwood floors
10. Movie nights + cuddle sessions
11. Bubble baths

12. Concerts, especially outdoor festivals!
13. Casual drinks with the girls

14. Late night runs
15. Dessert wine
16. A fluffy comforter
17. Puppies, kittens, or basically any cute animal!

18. Ice cold beer on a hot summer day
19. A pair of jeans that fit just right
20. Friendly strangers
21. Spring—bring on the warmth
22. Mountains
23. Sleep
24. Warm sheets straight out of the dryer—especially in the winter!
25. Cleaning (this is a newly developed love of mine)
26. Fruits and veggies straight out of the garden
27. Sightseeing
28. Good lighting

29. Thrift shopping—you never know what you'll find
30. Reminiscing
31. Modern Family
32. Trashy reality TV
33. Clear skin
34. Good concealer—for when my skin is being stubborn!
35. Upbeat music on Fridays
36. Garrett Hedlund... ugh
37. New shoes

38. Margaritas
39. Getting glammed up
40. Fall foliage
41. Goodnight & good morning texts
42. Seeing people I love succeed
43. Good hair days
44. Payday—duh!
45. Lazy Sundays
46. Old homes with character

47. Hiking
48. Breakfast food
49. Sunkissed skin

50. Friends and family—of course

Now I challenge you. Take a minute and write down some things that make you happy and see how it instantly boosts your mood!

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