Girls Trip to Denver + Life Lately

Girls Trip to Denver + Life Lately

Hi, friends! The past two months have been filled with life changes, traveling, drinks with the girls, quality family time, starting my new blog, concerts and more. It’s been a lot, so I thought I'd do a post about what I've been up to recently.

This past Labor Day I took a trip to Denver with some girlfriends to visit one our friends who lives out there. You could say it was a much-needed girls trip! We explored restaurants and bars, enjoyed the Taste of Colorado, and went to a Rockies and Broncos game. It was really great to have a lot of my friends (not all of them, unfortunately) back together. And of course, all of us being Iowa State alumni, we went to an Iowa State bar, Society, to watch the ISU vs UNI game—where we also ran into former ISU, current Nuggets basketball player Monte Morris (a few of my friends fan-girled). 

Mimosa tower at The Lobby!

Three of us actually flew into Denver a day early and stayed with my roommate’s sister for one night in Evergreen. We caught up on life the first night. The next morning, we had breakfast at Wildflower Café (amazing). Then, we went hiking at Three Sisters Trail and took product photos for her business. She runs her own honey business called I ♥ Honey & Co. She takes 100 percent raw Colorado honey and infuses with natural herbs and spices—it’s so good!

After that long, but much-needed trip, I started my new job at Meredith. I’ve been at my job for about seven weeks now and I absolutely love it (but nobody wants to talk about work!).

The second to last weekend of September, I went home for my mom’s show—she has her own business, Barnyard Boutique. She sells vintage and upcycled furniture and home décor. She held an open house, and it was super successful!

The end of September I finally launched this blog, which I hope everyone is enjoying! I’ve had so many people reach out and tell me they love reading my posts—positive feedback is always so nice to hear! If you guys ever have any suggestions about posts, definitely reach out!

Over the past month, I’ve also helped some friends out with headshots, and, of course, taken photos of my adorable niece!

Emilia, my adorable niece, and my beautiful friends!

The first weekend in October, my sisters and I went to the Matchbox Twenty concert in Council Bluffs. None of us had seen them before—it was such a great show! It was originally supposed to be outside but because of the weather, it got moved inside. Although it was an indoor concert, somehow my sisters and I still managed to get poured on when walking from the car to the building. Matchbox has always been on my bucket list, so I was so happy to finally see them!

After the concert, I headed to Lincoln for the remainder of the weekend for some family time! Saturday was spent hanging out with my niece, watching football, and helping Megan get her house ready for showings (her and Zeke are moving to a new house in Lincoln!). Saturday night the whole family went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Nebraska vs Wisconsin game—disappointing outcome. Besides the Husker loss, it was a great weekend!

Two weekends ago, I took a trip to Kansas City. Although I love Des Moines and all it has to offer, sometimes it’s just nice to get away. I went out with friends, watched some college football, and enjoyed some needed me time shopping on Sunday.

This past weekend was also busy! A friend and I took a last-minute trip to KC for a concert on Thursday. We saw two artists who we've recently become obsessed with—Leon and Wrabel. If you haven't heard of either of them, you need to check them out! I can't tell you which Leon song is my favorite—I love so many of them. As for Wrabel, his two most popular songs (which I love) are definitely 11 Blocks and Bloodstain.

Friday I spent a little time working on a project that I'm helping a friend out with. Don't worry, I'll let you guys in on the secret when the time is right. A post on it is to come in the future!

Saturday my roommate and I spent the day moving some of our things. We are moving into a new place just a block away from where we currently live. A post on this will also be coming in the future (so many exciting things happening!). Saturday night I attended a friend's mom's surprise 50th birthday party—it was a blast!

Happy Birthday, Meg!

Wow. That was a lot to talk about it one post! I'm sure I'll have more to update you guys on in a few short weeks.

Shelbie Renee

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