Winter Wonderland at Sycamore Farms + Block 16

Winter Wonderland at Sycamore Farms + Block 16

This weekend my friend Emily and I took a trip west to Omaha for Winter Wonderland at Sycamore Farms. It’s put on by the same people who put on Junkstock every year. If you’ve never heard of Junkstock, I’ll explain. It’s basically a two-weekend event with over hundreds of vendors who sell everything from, you guessed it, junk to antiques to handmade pieces and more.

This is the first year they’ve had an event in the winter—too bad there wasn’t any snow to make it a true winter wonderland.

Although there are food trucks offered at the event, Emily and I decided to make a stop downtown and eat beforehand. We went to Block 16. It’s been around for a while, but I had never heard of it—it was Emily’s idea—and a great idea at that. It’s farm to table street food—is there any better combination? You wait in line and order at the counter, then find a table to impatiently wait!

I got the croque garcon burger and an order of fries. Emily got the crab rangoon dog and a side of the dragon fries. They accidentally brought Emily crab rangoon fries instead of her dog, so we had an extra boat of fries to finish. It was the most delicious mistake ever—the crab rangoon fries ended up being my favorite thing and probably some of the tastiest fries I’ve ever had!

We got to Sycamore Farms around 1:30 and started shopping! I’ve actually been going to Junkstock from the beginning because my mom used to be a vendor. It’s fun to see that some of the original vendors are still going strong there! There were two buildings with vendors—about 70 vendors according to the Facebook event page—which is less than what they usually have at the summer and fall events.

We took our time walking through each booth. Neither of us were really looking for anything in particular, just shopping around. The only thing I ended up buying was this adorable, dainty crescent moon necklace (similar). I had to restrain myself while in this booth—I wanted to buy everything! 

Overall, it was a fun day with good company, good food, and one good find. If you’ve never been to Block 16 or one of the events at Sycamore Farms, you should definitely put it on your to-do list! 

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