21-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 15

21-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 15

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do today. Going on a run is always an easy option, but I felt like I should mix it up. So, we decided to do a one-mile warmup before completing a grueling hill workout. Most people probably wouldn't think to do a hill workout, but since my friend and I both grew up being runners — and in cross country — we've done our fair share of hill workouts.

They're definitely tough, that's for sure. They work your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings, and they also get your heart rate up. It's not a dead sprint, but you definitely run harder than an average jog. 

We did three hills in a row, took about a three minute break and then did another set of three — equaling six hills total. I know that doesn't seem like that much, but for how out of running shape I am and for how hot it was, that was plenty for us! 

After the hills, we walked about a quarter mile back to my friend's house. Then, we did some pushups, abs, and stretched. It was a great workout and halfway through the day I already felt a little sore on my inner thighs. I love when I can feel it — to me, that means I got a good workout in! 

Shelbie Renee 

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