21-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 17

21-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 17

Yesterday, I created my own Kettlebell workout. I incorporated a variety of things I've picked up over over the years. To be honest, I wasn't sure which area it would work the most, but today, I can tell you I feel it in my back the most! My hamstrings are also very sore, but I think most of that was from the 15 minutes of stretching I did after my workout.

I love kettlebells because you can do SO much with them and they're easy to use, too. So, here's what I did!

Warm up: Jog for 10 or so minutes

Plank with row and shoulder press: 10 reps each arm (20 total) x 3 sets
Note: The guy in the video does it a little different. I had my other hand on the ground and I brought my arm all the way up to the ceiling. It was a row into a shoulder press.

Pushups: 10 reps x 3 sets
I'll be honest, I did about four of these and was hurting. So, instead I switched to regular pushups, but if you can do these, that's awesome! I'm just not there yet.

Swings: 20 reps x 3 sets
You can do these with both hands, like the video, or alternating.

Reverse lunge with kettlebell lift: 10 reps each leg (20 total) x 3 sets
Again, I did mine a little differently than the guy in the video. I had both hands on the kettlebell and pressed it up in front of me each time I took a step back. I also alternated my lunges.

Clean and press: 10 reps each side (20 total) x 3 sets
My shoulders were dead from doing this after the plank row shoulder press and pushups!

Single leg deadlift: 8 reps each leg (16 total) x 3 sets
This is what I planned on doing, but during the second set, I felt a strain in my hamstrings. So, I listened to my body and stopped. The one bad thing about working out is that I've been feeling some aches and pains in my body.

Windmills: 8 reps each side (16 total) x 3 sets
I'll be honest, I didn't really like these and probably wont do them again. They sort of hurt my lower back.

Half get ups: 10 reps each side (20 total) x 3 sets
Instead of having my opposite leg bent, I had the same leg bent. There might be a right way to do this, but I wouldn't say how I did it is wrong. It got tough by the third set and my abs are sore from it!

Russian twist: 25 reps x 3 sets
I used a 20lb kettlebell for this, but any weight you use will work. Your abs will definitely feel it!

And don't forget to stretch afterward!

Shelbie Renee


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