21-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 6

21-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 6

The weekends are hard. But you just have to push through, right? I pushed through the workouts but neglected posting about it, sorry guys! I think it's easier to do it right away in the morning so you don't have to worry about squeezing it in later in the day.

I went pretty hard all week, so Saturday morning I did yoga. Originally, I was thinking I'd go to the yoga class offered at the downtown YMCA, but on Saturdays it's an hour and 15 minute class. So, I decided to do it at home instead. I have my own mat and we actually have a few yoga DVDs, but I wanted to do it in on our third floor — where we don't have a TV. So, instead, I searched for a 30-minute yoga video on youtube.

Here's the video I did. I think there are a lot of great exercise videos on youtube. Yoga especially is easy to do at home because you can still do it even if you don't have a mat.

Shelbie Renee

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