21-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 7

21-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 7

Week one is done — woohoo! I was pretty busy all day Sunday, so I didn't get to doing anything till later. It was rainy and gloomy most of the day, but come evening, it started to feel a little cooler outside. I decided to go on a walk down to Gray's Lake and back.

I went down, around the entire lake, and then back. Total, it was about 4.25 miles. I don't normally go on walks, but let me tell you ... my legs were actually SO tired toward the end of it! And remember when I said I thought it had "cooled" down a little? Yeah, it was so muggy and sticky outside!

As hard as it is to get out and do something on weekends, especially if you're traveling or go out with friends, in the end it feels great! I'm so happy I accomplished week one — thank you guys for helping me!

Let's bring on week two!

Shelbie Renee

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