Festive Fourth of July Fashion

Festive Fourth of July Fashion

Hi, friends! I can't believe July is almost here! It's bittersweet — I love the 4th of July (who doesn't!?), but I feel like summer always flies by afterward. I don't have big plans for the fourth, but that doesn't mean I won't be celebrating! One of my favorite things about big holidays — especially Independence Day — is the fashion! It's an excuse to buy a new dress or, if you're lucky enough to be spending it on the water, a swimsuit, and who doesn't love that. 

Below are three outfits I think are appropriately festive, will work no matter what your 4th plans are, and are made up of pieces that are super versatile — things you can keep and wear again for other occasions. 

Sassy & Classy 

I love this outfit because it's a mixture of three of my favorite things: cutoff jeans, a simple shirt with a trendy twist, and shoes that add a pop of color. Okay, so, maybe you couldn't wear an outfit like this just anywhere, but it's so cute I would maybe try. 

Going out with friends, to a barbecue, brunch, or maybe a dinner party? I think this outfit presents the perfect amount of fun and flirty while being festive and super chic. 

Flirty & Casual

I think this might be my favorite outfit of the three! It's super casual, but still trendy with the top knot and scarf and cropped button up shirt. I also love this outfit because it would be so easy to recreate with a lot of different things you probably already have in your closet!

Comfy & Retro

This dress is such a good find! It's cheap, fits comfortably, and has super fun elements like the deep neck and 80s-reminiscent puffy sleeves with ties. It's also not too obviously red, white, and blue, so you could definitely wear it for a lot of other occasions. 

You might think the deep neck would be uncomfortable, but it barely moved on me. The material makes it stay put, which is so nice! The shoes are great, too. They can look orange with some things and more red with others, which is why I paired them with this dress. And, even better? They're basically like wearing slippers! 

If you don't run out and find these exact items, I at least hope they give you inspiration  especially if you've been stuck trying to figure out what to wear. I know, it can be a struggle sometimes! ;) I hope everyone has a fun and safe fourth!  


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