National Balloon Classic

National Balloon Classic

The National Balloon Classic in Indianola happens every summer, but since I've lived in the Des Moines area, I had yet to go until this year. I really had no idea what to expect. It was a very quant setting to be hones — definitely something everyone can enjoy!

We got there around 7:30 pm, which was perfect. Like I said, it's a small place, so there isn't a ton to walk around and see. They did have live music, small attractions for kids, and probably 10 or more food trucks. Balloons were coming in right when we got there. We found a spot to sit and enjoyed watching for probably 45 minutes or so.

After watching probably around 75 balloons come in, we decided to walk around to some of the food trucks. The live music started up again then, too. B2wins was the group playing. Oddly enough, I had actually heard them play probably a couple years ago at the downtown Des Moines farmers market. So, I knew it would be a fun, enjoyable night when they started playing. And on top of seeing hot air balloons--which, in my opinion is always cool — it was the perfect night out in terms of weather, too.

We ended up getting a cheeseburger and mozzarella sticks from the Indianola Booster Club. I decided to hold off on the greasy, but always delicious food truck food until the Iowa State Fair. Because let's be real, I'll be eating a lot of it!

At the end of the night they do a night glow, which I was super excited for. Unfortunately, it was too windy for them to actually lift off, so they just randomly lit up on the ground. Either way, it's a cool sight to see.

Overall, it was a really nice night and I would definitely recommend going — next year, of course — if you're looking for something casual and relaxing to do. Oh, and bring a blanket or chairs and get there early if you want a really good spot. We didn't bring a blanket in only because we didn't want to carry it around, but we also didn't mind sitting on the ground.

Shelbie Renee

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