Exploring Prague

Exploring Prague

When we first thought about where in Europe we wanted to go, Prague wasn't initially on the list. But then, there was a chance that a good friend of mine — who currently lives in Turkey but used to live in Prague — would be able to meet us there. We instantly put it on our list! Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it, but boy am I glad that he urged us to still visit.

I honestly had no idea what Prague would be like. Of course, I've seen photos and I know quite a few people that have visited, but pictures don't always do a place justice. Let's just say I was more than pleasantly surprised! I'm not sure where to even begin. The perfectly-preserved historic city of Prague was absolutely beautiful. Buildings pretty is pastel everywhere you looked, meandering cobblestone alleyways and sidewalks, hidden passageways — which you quickly learned were very convenient shortcuts — overgrown entrances, cute corner cafes, and much more.

Of the three places we went, Prague was my favorite. From Charles Bridge to Old Town Square to Prague Castle, everything was so picturesque. But not only that, Prague was easy to navigate, cheap, and the people were friendly. There were a lot of tourists there, but it never felt too terribly overcrowded.

Everywhere we went, everyone spoke at least a little English, so for us, there wasn't really a language barrier. And while we were there — which was all day Tuesday, Sept. 18th - the early morning of Friday, Sept. 21st — the weather was so perfect. It was 80 and sunny the entire time. If you're thinking about going to Prague, I would definitely suggest going around the same time!

Stay tuned for my next blog about everything we did while in Prague. Where we stayed, where we ate, and all of the touristy things we did and saw. In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful photos! :)

My adorable sister at Charles Bridge

Shelbie Renee 


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