Arizona + Life Lately

Arizona + Life Lately

Hello, friends! Sorry, I've been MIA on the blog lately. I've been traveling since September 15th — 11 days in Europe, a few days back home, and then four days in Arizona. I'm only a little tired ... yeah right, I'm exhausted! But believe me, it was all worth it!

I really am so happy to be home and getting back into my routine. Being gone three weeks definitely took a toll on me. My sleep scheduled got way out of wack, I ate like crap, I missed my cat, and my room is a disaster.

Now that I am finally home and will have some downtime, I can't wait to get started writing posts about my Europe vacation! Coming soon, I promise.

After returning from Europe, I had a trip planned to Arizona for one of my best friend's wedding! It was just south of Phoenix in Laveen — seriously so beautiful! The last time I was in Arizona was for my Havasupai hiking trip two summers ago, but I hadn't been to the Phoenix area since I was little.

It was a few days full of so much laughter, quality friend time, a little gambling (I won $240 on slots--woohoo!), pool time, and an outpouring of love for an amazing couple. After feeling a little homesick while in Europe, a friend trip like this made me feel right at home — even though I was still some 1,400 miles away. There's something to be said about people like that.

The sunset was so perfect this night!!

So, stay tuned for more posts to come about my recent travels!

Shelbie Renee


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