Roca Berry Farm + Weekend Recap

Roca Berry Farm + Weekend Recap

Hi loves!
This past weekend, I enjoyed some much-needed family time in Lincoln. I hadn't seen my niece, Emmy, since before I left for Europe. The visit was way overdue! Prior to this weekend, I had been overdoing it with so many commitments. I had some sort of plan almost every night. Don't get my wrong, I really like staying busy and keeping up with my friends, but that's also one of my faults — I can so easily overdo it.

That's why, although I had to travel six hours total, my trip to Lincoln was so nice. The only thing we had planned was visiting a pumpkin patch Sunday. So, Friday night and all day Saturday was super easy-going and relaxing. 

Friday night was spent catching up with one of my sisters — nights in like that are always some of my favorites! Saturday, we made tacos and watched football at my sister's house. Iowa State and Nebraska both played at 11, so we switched between the two games. And it turned out to be a good day because both of our teams won!

It got to be almost 80 degrees in Lincoln Saturday, so after the games, we decided to take Emmy for an adventure outside. And of course, I had to bring my camera to capture some seriously adorable photos!

My whole family went out to eat Saturday night at a new sports bar called Big Red. I think it's a fairly new place because it was so packed. But after eating, I realized why ... the food was delicious! (For bar food, anyway.) After that, we went back to my sister's and played the game Buzzword. It's kind of confusing at first if you've never played, but once we got it, we all really enjoyed it!

Sunday morning, we went to Roca Berry Farm right outside of Lincoln for some fall festivities. I had never been to this pumpkin patch before, but it was super cool and perfect for families with younger kids. There were so many different sections to the farm: candy land, a western-themes area, a handful of slides, a pumpkin launcher, a zombie hunt, multiple playgrounds, haunted houses, and more. It was also super nice outside Sunday, too, which made the day even more enjoyable. 

Weekends spent with family are the best. Happy fall, everyone!

Shelbie Renee 


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