Free People Floral Mini & Hello Marjorie

Free People Floral Mini & Hello Marjorie

Boots | Dress | Purse 

There will always be a place in my heart for a good mini dress-bootie combo! I bought both the dress and booties from Lord & Taylor, which is an online store I found through Instagram. I would compare it to Nordstrom, as it sells name-brand/designer items. The dress and boots were actually from a curated collection I came across by Catt Sadler. If you don't know who she is, it's probably because you're not obsessed with E! News like I am! 

I wasn't sure how this dress would look on me, or fit, because it's an interesting style. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got it in the mail and it fit perfectly! I love the fun patch-work style, and I'm also always a sucker for buttons down the front and a fun neckline. Even better with this dress, it has super fun bishop sleeves. As for the boots, I'm obsessed. They're burgundy (I know, it's kind of hard to tell in the photos) which I love — I enjoy a nice pair of stand-out boots! I have never owned a pair that are tight around the ankles like these, and like the dress, I wasn't sure how they'd look on me. I'll be honest, I was definitely worried that they would accentuate my muscular calves — which have always been an insecurity of mine — but turns out I love the way they look! I took a small risk on two things I wasn't totally 100% about and I'm so happy I did! And I almost forgot about the purse! I had been searching for Chloe look-alike bags and when I came across this beauty on Amazon, I pulled the trigger right away. It's great quality, the color is amazing, and it's a fun accessory to a lot of my outfits!

These photos were taken at Hello Marjorie, which in my opinion is one of the best places to get cocktails in Des Moines! I got The Marjorie, which is sooo delicious. If you're ever looking for aas they say, damn fine timethis bar is always a great stop! 

I'm recharged from Thanksgiving and happy to be back in my normal routine. I have an eventful weekend ahead of me and then next Wednesday I leave for a mini vaca in the beautiful mountains of Colorado — I seriously couldn't be more excited! I hope everyone's week is great and that this post gave you some inspiration!

Shelbie Renee


  1. I'm Catt Sadler obsessed! Such a cute outfit & I love your photos!

    Brittany | www.pointed-north.com

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