Leopard Jeans

Leopard Jeans

I had been searching for leopard pants for a couple of months, but only found ones that were super pricey. I randomly came across this pair at Forever21 and surprisingly enough, they fit perfectly! They're so fun, high-waisted (which is always a plus), and I love the fun zipper detail on the front. Although these are pretty bold pants, you could wear them a lot of different ways. With a sweater like I'm wearing here, a plain white t-shirt, a black bodysuit, etc. Wear them for a girls night out, on a fun-filled date night, or casually around town.

As for this sweater, you've probably seen me wear it a lot in posts. I've had it for two years now and it's still one of my favorites! I got it from TJ Maxx so it was a great price of course. The booties are also from last season and have been so good to me! They're Sam Edelman and I got them from DSW.

This fun old-school bar I'm at? It's called Alpine Tap and it's just a couple minutes from my house. It's such a fun little dive bar — perfect for casual drinks with friends or when you want to play a couple games of pool. 

Shelbie Renee 

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