The Proposal Story

The Proposal Story

Hello, loves! Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but I took a little break away from the blog. With the holidays always being so busy with travel, family, and everything else in between, like getting ENGAGED, I needed to take some personal time. 

Yep, I got engaged! 

I'm sure some of you already saw it on social media. But keep reading for the full scoop on how it happened. :)

The proposal happened on Thursday, December 20th. Exact time? I was one fruity, delicious drink in and too excited to care. Tad's friend owns a fun local cocktail bar downtown, Hello Marjorie, which is where it happened. He had his friend text me about a week prior asking if I wanted to help model for a photoshoot they were doing for a new bar they are opening in the spring.

Of course I thought a photoshoot sounded fun, so I was all in for it! The photographer for the "photoshoot" was another one of Tad's friends, Adam White. Thankfully, Adam told me we would be doing a lot of up close drink shots, so I made sure to get my nails done.

It wasn't till about two days before the shoot that Adam asked me if Tad would be available to join. At first I didn't think anything about it because Adam said they want a male in some of the shots, too. I thought that made total sense!

When the day came, though, the thought of a proposal did run cross my mind. But I didn't want to get myself all psyched out if that's not what was going on, so I talked myself out of it.

When I first got there, we started at the bar (Adam was so good at playing it cool--I had no idea!). After a few shots there, we moved over to these fun pink couches. Meanwhile, Hello Marjorie was getting busy, which doesn't usually bother me since I'm used to taking photos in public for my blog, but for some reason I was kind of nervous. I think maybe the idea of a proposal was still in the back of my mind!

Adam directed me to look away so he could get some good profile shots. Tad was so smooth, I didn't even hear or feel him come near me! The next four photos are my reactions as I turned back around.

At first I saw Tad there next to me but didn't realized what was in his hand. So yes, I was shocked. He definitely surprised me! I think he was nervous too, I could tell because his hands were shaking. It's crazy to think about how fast it all happened!

I had to put the ring on my own finger because, like I said earlier, he was shaking. It's funny to think about how much pressure and anticipation leads up to a proposal, on both sides. You think you might know exactly what you want to say, but when it actually happens, you're just so caught up in the moment. You're taking it all in. Time almost feels like it freezes in a way.

Apparently, the bartenders were in on this because right after it happened, they had a bottle of champagne brought out to us. Adam snapped a few more photos of us before heading out, then we enjoyed our one-on-one time, relishing our moment.

It's truly mind-blowing how much life can change in a year. Tad and I have had a very up and down relationship over the years, but I don't think either of us say that with embarrassment or insecurity. It's made is who we are and it landed us here, back together and truly happier than we've ever been. More confident in ourselves and who we are as individuals, which has translated into the relationship I never knew we could have.

So, cheers to love and happiness!

Shelbie Renee


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