Our Engagement Photos

Our Engagement Photos

Before it got too cold out, I forced Tad to take an adventure with me for engagement photos. My best friend, roommate, and blog photographer, Jill, graciously took them for us! First, we went to Jester Park just north of Des Moines to get photos in a forested area (because come on look at those trees!) before driving the 20-ish minutes to Saylorville Lake. 

Although Tad got a little tired of smiling and "posing" after only 30 minutes, I think he would admit it was an OK day. I know I enjoyed it! I told him, "Just wait till our actual wedding day!" But I don't blame him. Not everyone enjoys being in front of the camera, nor do they find the process fun at all. But he was a good sport and the photos turned out great!

To update you all on our wedding, we haven't made many more decisions other than San Diego as the location. I swear, I've emailed and called over 50 different venues. Some call back, some email back, and some just never respond at all--it can be totally frustrating! But I think we've finally narrowed it down to a couple of options. Who knew two indecisive people planning a destination wedding could be so stressful?? Haha!

I know I've said this multiple times on Instagram but if you have any wise words or amazing advice about wedding planning, please, share!

By the way, you can shop our outfits below! :)

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