Botanical Bliss + 10 Things

Botanical Bliss + 10 Things

Hey guys! The other weekend my friend Jill and I went to the Des Moines Botanical Garden to get some much needed fresh air (because let's be real, until recently it's been too cold outside). And we really really needed some greenery in our lives. If you've never been, you need to make it a priority!

It's so beautiful — perfect for a day date with your S.O. or with a group of girlfriends. On top of touring the beautiful gardens, you can also indulge at the Trellis Cafe, which is open Tuesday through Sunday. You can get a membership — totally worth it — or there's an entry fee of $10 for adults. 

Visiting the beautiful, lush botanical center is just one of the few things I've been up to lately. Keep reading for 10 more updates/thoughts!

1. I leave for Nashville this Thursday to see one of my good friends who moved there about a year ago. Excited is an understatement!! I unfortunately haven't been able to see her since she moved — and I've never been to Music City.

2. I said yes to the dress! I found my wedding dress at Pure Bridal in Ames and I'm so so so in love with it! Obviously I can't say much more than that. :)

3. Tad and I planned a long weekend getaway to San Diego for late April. We're staying at the cutest guesthouse airbnb in the North Park neighborhood. Along with meeting vendors and enjoying the amazing warm weather, we are also going to celebrate Tad's birthday. It'll be late (his bday is March 14), but since I'll be in Nashville for it, San Diego seemed like the perfect time to really celebrate.

4. I've been binging Younger recently. It's an easy show to flip on when your'e not sure what else to watch, but I decided to watch it from the beginning. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for something new to watch. It airs live on TVLand, but I've watched the first five seasons on Hulu.

5. Josephs Jewelers had a wedding band event this weekend so Tad and I went to look at bands for me and a ring for him. I found one I love and he found his wedding ring, too. After, we went to Blue Toro Cantina for lunch and celebratory drinks. We chose Blue Toro because that's where we ate after the first time we looked at engagement rings. Making traditions while wedding planning is so fun!

6. The romper I'm wearing in these pictures is from Planet Blue — a cute online boutique I found on Instagram. It's a little pricier, but I got this on sale. Unfortunately, this exact jumpsuit is out of stock, but I linked some similar ones below in #7.

7. I'm extremely excited for spring clothing. Scroll through below for a few of my favorite picks!

8. Last Wednesday night, I attended a terrarium building class at the Botanical Garden. (FYI, they have so many really fun, interesting classes!) There was water, wine, and snacks, as well as cute stations set up at every table. We learned a little bit about the history of terrariums and plants before building our own. Look how cute mine turned out below! The back plant is an Aluminum plant, the bright green one is a creeping wire vine, and the green and white one is a ficus pumila.

9. I recently rediscovered my love for Bare Minerals warmth bronzer. I've used it in the past but forgot just how great it is. It gives you color without changing the tone of your skin and without making you look too dark.

10. Although I haven't been super consistent, I've been working out and running a lot more. I'm not sure that I see visible changes, but I feel stronger, faster, and better about my health! I currently love following Kyla Ritchie on Instagram for inspiration and workouts.

My cute photographer for the day!
Shelbie Renee


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