Reflecting on 6 Months of Marriage + Our Wedding Video

Reflecting on 6 Months of Marriage + Our Wedding Video

Last weekend Tad and I celebrated half a year together. I know 6 months isn't a big milestone but for us it wasn't only about celebrating being married, we were also celebrating officially living together for 6 months. Yep, if some of you didn't know, Tad and I waited to move in together until after we got married. Some people have commended us for that decision, while others have said "I have no idea how you can do that." Although it wasn't something I ever imagined being part of my plan, it was something that was important to Tad, so of course we made it work.

Today I'm reflecting on 6 months of marriage, and I guess living together — all of the good, the bad and the boring. Although I shouldn't say "bad" because there haven't been any bad parts ... I prefer to call them learning opportunities. :)

We're officially on the same team

When we were dating and we'd have disagreements, we'd always remind each other that we're on the same team. It was kind of our way of diffusing the situation, reminding us both to take a step back and remember that we both do have each other's best interest in mind. Now that we're married, we are really really on the same team. So far in our 6 months of marriage, we actually haven't had to say this to each other too many times. So maybe that's a good sign? The point I'm trying to make here, though, is that whatever disagreements or arguments we have had, it's been important for us that we had this sort of already-established truce. Although, it doesn't always help de-escalate everything.

Alone time is important

I would say I have a harder time with this than Tad does. I've just never been good at being alone — I love to be surrounded by people and noise; I especially love being around Tad (I know that's kind of a give-in being we got married and all). But now that we're also roommates (as Tad likes to say) I have a new found appreciation of those quaint moments alone. It's good to have a break to collect my thoughts and refocus on what's really important. 

Having separate hobbies is a good thing

One thing Tad and I have always made a priority is sticking to our individual hobbies. Although we are much alike, we still have different interests, and we both encourage each other to do them. Tad loves golfing and fixing and riding his dirt bike while I enjoy decorating (and buying things for the house lol) and blogging. When you get married, it's important to remember that you're still the same person you were before, you just have a new partner-in-crime who is there to support and enhance who you are and everything that you do. This is something Tad and I established very early on in our dating relationship but I'm sure a little reminder here and there will be good for us over the years.

Sometimes not being defensive is hard

This is something I especially need to work on. Over the past 6 months, we've had little arguments here and there that have made me realize I often get defensive when Tad calls me out on something. In contrast, though, Tad is also learning that there are better ways to approach me about things. We're never going to be perfect but it's something we will continue to work on every day.

Take turns doing different tasks around the house

Tad and I both try to contribute to chores around the house: doing the dishes, folding laundry, cooking, vacuuming, etc. I know this isn't the way every married couple operates; for some it might work best to find what tasks you enjoy doing and sticking to just those, letting your better half focus on the other ones. If I'm being totally honest, there are some things I subconsciously don't prioritize, and I'm sure it's because in all actuality I just don't like doing them. For example, taking out the trash, scooping Fritz's litter (this has been an ongoing hot topic around the house), and vacuuming. We've definitely had our fair share of fights about cleaning but as new roommates, it's bound to happen. We always remind ourselves that they're trivial and to not let them turn into something bigger.

Feelings and decisions affect both of us

We share a lot more than a just house, bed, money, etc., we also share feelings and experiences. When we were dating, it was easier to hide how I was feeling because we didn't live together. Now that we're constantly around each other, it's not so simple. But also, I acknowledge that hiding your feelings isn't healthy. I've noticed that if one of us is in a bad mood, the other begins to feel the same. Tad and I both very much operate off of feeling so we definitely vibe off of each other. When one of us is having a low moment, the other needs to be uplifting, positive and helpful. This is a no-brainer, but sometimes it can be hard when your significant other is taking things out on you. It's just another facet of marriage ... getting to know each other more and learning and growing together.

Celebrate the big things and the little things

I've never been a super over-the-top, celebratory person but marriage is hard, and we only get one life so why not make every day a celebration? Whether it's good news at work, completing a house project or meeting a person milestone, celebrate. You're your significant other's life-long cheerleader, the one person they look forward to sharing highs (and lows) with. I've found that finding happiness in small, everyday moments will naturally create a more lasting positive vibe around the house.

Our Wedding Video

I'm also SO SO SO excited to share our wedding video with you guys! Shout out to the very talented and cool Michael Wilson. Thank you so much for capturing our day!!

You can also view our video here

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