How To Warm Up Your Space With Fall Decor

How To Warm Up Your Space With Fall Decor

Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. If you live a four-seasons state, you probably understand why. After the dog days of summer, I'm ready to physically and mentally destress. So as the nights get cooler and the trees undress, I, too, have a renewed sense of self. The crisp, fresh autumn air, the trees saturated with deep reds and oranges, and the feeling of togetherness that's associated with autumn — it just doesn't get any better.

But I don't only want to experience these feelings of nostalgia when I go outside, I want to see the colors, smell the aromas, and feel the warmth inside my home, too. The best way to do this? Rearranging, swapping out decor, and possibly splurging on something new and seasonal.

Here are five simple ways to bring the feeling of fall into your home, plus some of my favorite fall decor picks for the 2020 season.

Create a warming ambiance.

Candles and more candles, please. I'm a big advocate for candles all year round, and in every room of the house, but there's something about a pumpkin spice or pecan pie scented candle that can't be beat. The smell is nostalgic and the glow offers an inviting warmth. Strategically place your favorite candle close to the front door, cluster smaller votives together, or go big like I do and buy multiples of your favorite right when the season begins so that you never run out of replacements.

Switch up your flowers. 

In my opinion, fall means ditching the vibrant hues of summer and inviting in rich purples, reds, and browns, as well as softer hints of beiges and blush pinks. Mixing the muted colors creates its own sense of vibrancy, just in a more understated, cozy way. You can buy faux bouquets or real dried flowers, or try your hand at drying your own (something I'm trying for the first time). Create over-the-top centerpieces, place dainty stems in smaller vases on shelves throughout your home, hang a wreath, or layer a garland on your mantle or down the middle of your table.

Layer, layer, layer.

Nothing exudes the cozy, snug feeling of fall like layering plush pillows, blankets, and more. By more, I mean layering shouldn't stop in your living room. Layer table clothes with table runners and placemats for a rustic, eclectic tablescape. You can create this feeling in your kitchen, too, by playing with seasonal kitchen towels and rugs. And don't forget to mix color and pattern for a relaxing, lived-in atmosphere.

Incorporate natural materials.

Another simple style idea is to add more natural-looking objects. From warm wood tones to handmade ceramics, textured pieces bring the feeling of nature into a home. And don't be afraid to layer different wood tones and surfaces either. This can seem hard to accomplish at first but it's a designer trick that can take your space to the next level.

Add classic fall touches.

This one is a no-brainer, and there are so many ways to do it! For me, personally, I like to keep it pretty neutral with pops of fun color here and there. I love incorporating the classic pumpkin for autumn, but I refrain from going overboard. I like to stick to a simple color scheme, such as combining whites, blues and greens, or mixing varying oranges. Or, you could opt for a wood or wicker pumpkin (see below) for a piece you can reuse every year. Spread your love for fall by greeting guests with a nice seasonal hello with a fun doormat, or layer your kitchen with pumpkin or pie patterned towels.

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it! And nobody says you have to buy new items to achieve your desired look. I'd bet you have pieces laying around your home right now to use, you just might have to be a little creative.


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